6 Secrets to Selling Your Home That People Often Forget

Evelyn Rockas | January 31, 2023

The real estate market has its ups and downs, but there are always steps that you can take for an easier, faster, and more lucrative home sale. When preparing to sell your Lynnfield home, don’t overlook the basics, including making minor repairs, staging, and maximizing curb appeal. Many realtors can attest to the way that these and other small steps can make a significant difference in a home sale. Read on to find the smoothest road to getting your home sold.

1. Move-in ready homes are in demand

“Move-in ready” is a real estate industry term that you may encounter from time to time. In order to be considered move-in ready, a home does not need to be flawless; it just needs to be ready to be occupied as soon as the sale is closed. This means that everything is up to code, functional, and ready to use, with no significant repairs to be made.

Beyond this, however, you should make an effort to make your home as inviting as possible for prospective buyers. Address any cosmetic flaws in your paint, trimming, or other aspects of your home for a faster, smoother sale. Although you may not want to make investments in your home right before you sell it, these investments can pay off when the sale closes.

2. Staging is an essential step

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Staging is simply the process of furnishing a home in order to impress prospective buyers. You can get varying degrees of professional help with staging, but it’s also something that you can do yourself if you have the inclination.

However you go about it, don’t overlook staging. The importance of staging goes far beyond appearances. It creates a welcoming, beautiful space that can help your home sell for a higher price and spend fewer days on the market.

You do not necessarily have to go all-out on staging, either. You may set up each room with your own furniture if it’s in excellent shape and flows well from room to room. According to the NAR, spending just 1% of the sale price on staging can lead to a 7% return on investment, making staging well worth it in the long run if your end goal is higher offers.

Especially for larger and more upscale properties, you should consider staging to be an investment in your home sale because buyers will expect the very best. Not only will professional staging make your home appear more competitive on the Lynnfield real estate market, but it can also help your home sell up to 30 times faster.

Prior to staging, be sure to clean, declutter, and depersonalize your home. Depersonalizing is another word for the process of removing personal and sentimental items from your home in order to help prospective buyers envision their own lives within the space. Decluttering (inside and outside) is essential in order to keep the design coherent and keep buyers from getting distracted or overwhelmed by rooms that are too busy.

3. Curb appeal matters, too

In addition to the interior of your home, pay extra attention to the condition of your home’s exterior. Just as you clean, declutter, and stage the interior of your home, continue the process outdoors. Make sure that your home has top-notch curb appeal, whether buyers see it in listing photos or in person. The process of creating curb appeal includes keeping a neatly trimmed and well-landscaped yard. Mow the lawn and trim any overgrown trees, shrubbery, and other plants. Replant gorgeous flower beds to brighten up the space. Set up exterior lights along the front walkway or front door to improve the ambiance and create a stunning look. Make sure your mailbox and address numbers are straightened. Clear leaves and other debris from the front porch and driveway. You want your exterior landscaping to be gorgeous and invite buyers through the front door!

4. An open house is still a great option

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Given the adoption of digital technology within the real estate industry, the idea of having an open house may seem archaic. However, according to the NAR, home seekers have continued to be interested in open houses well into the digital age. Your agent will schedule, coordinate, and host the open house so that buyers feel welcomed and well-informed as they tour your property.

5. The condition of your home could slow down your sale

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Waiting on buyers requires enough patience as it is, so don’t let issues with your home slow things down once you have found a good buyer. It is important to make sure that your home is in peak condition when you list it. Although this is not mandatory, you can get an inspection prior to listing your home if you would like that extra peace of mind.

A buyer will likely want to conduct an inspection prior to closing anyway, but performing a pre-listing inspection will give you greater control of the process by pre-empting any issues that may come up during the buyer’s inspection. Talk to your realtor if you need advice on whether or not to opt for a pre-listing inspection.

6. Working with an experienced realtor is still the fastest way to sell

Above all, partnering with a skilled, experienced realtor is your best bet for receiving top-dollar offers and making sure the transaction goes smoothly. Your agent will be a valuable resource in helping you devise a competitive and accurate pricing strategy, marketing your home to your target buyers, connecting with other professionals, and understanding legal documents and the next steps along the journey.

The best realtor is always a local one, preferably one with plenty of experience in the industry. Evelyn Rockas is a well-rounded Lynnfield real estate agent with over a decade of experience guiding buyers and sellers toward their goals. Her portfolio of property listings includes some of the best homes for sale in Lynnfield and other high-end properties. Contact Evelyn Rockas if you are interested in buying or selling Lynnfield real estate or another property in the Boston area.

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