• My wife and I are very pleased to recommend Evelyn Rockas to anyone who is looking for a professional, well-informed, and customer-service-oriented Realtor®. When we first met with Evelyn, she provided us with a great deal of information about Coldwell Banker, what they do and how they do it. She had a very friendly and reassuring manner. We explained to her that we wanted to sell our house and find a one-floor condo in the immediate area. We told her exactly what we were looking for in a condo. She outlined the buying and selling procedures and answered all our questions. She also made recommendations on how we could make our house more visually appealing. She also showed us comparable houses in our neighborhood and what they were going for, so we could determine what to ask for our house. We told her upfront that we did not want to put our house on the market until we found a place to live. She fully understood. We started receiving daily MLS listings via email. When we saw something we liked, we would contact her, and she would set up a viewing as soon as possible. During the viewings, she would ask questions of the other Realtor® and would make suggestions as to how our current furniture would fit in the condo. When we were ready to bid on a condo, she would prepare all the documents and send them to us to sign electronically. In the meantime, she arranged for a photographer to take pictures of our house so that when we had an accepted offer on a condo, she could immediately put our house on the market. Working with the photographer, she rearranged furniture and other household items so that the house would look as marketable as possible. Once we found a condo we liked and our offer was accepted, Evelyn worked with our attorney and the other Realtor® to make arrangements for the closing. Within five days of our condo offer being accepted, Evelyn arranged for three open houses for our house. Our house sold within one week. Then Evelyn worked with the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent to arrange closings two days apart so we could close on the house on a Tuesday and the condo the next day. Evelyn recommended a moving company, which we used both for removing everything from our house and two days later moving everything into the condo. They did a great job. So, to summarize, Evelyn Rockas did an outstanding job in helping us to find the perfect condo and sell our house. We would highly recommend Evelyn to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home.


  • Evelyn was referred to me by another Realtor® that I had a professional relationship with for many years at a previous property management position, as I told her that we were going to put our house on the market and if she could recommend an agent on the North Shore/Boston area. Although it was a year between when we first contacted Evelyn and then got the house ready for listing, she was very helpful and eager to answer our many questions, this being our very first house, and had no idea what it would take to get through the selling process. The advice was also given, in due course, concerning the adjoining property that had been a part of our larger parcels since that area was sold in 1877 - the house itself was built in 1905 and never divided from the lot next door, so this was of great concern to us both. Her business instincts guided us to strongly consider selling the extra lot separately from the house, which worked out very well indeed (we got a buyer for the lot before she got a chance to get the house into MLS) and resulted in a much higher price overall than we would have received if we had not separated it. It really made all the difference and allowed us to pay off the existing mortgage and pay cash for our current house where we relocated to. Her knowledge base of the area is unsurpassed and, most of all, her kindness and graciousness are what we appreciated most. We met as Realtor® and client and finished this transaction as dear friends, which is not a common thing in this day and age and we consider ourselves extremely lucky that she became our broker. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is looking for the best.


  • Evelyn is not only an amazing Realtor® but an amazing human being. She went above and beyond for our family over the last year to find us the perfect home. Over a year we made offers and almost closed on the not-so-right home and Evelyn pushed us to never give up. She kept telling us the right home would come along and she was so right. She was diligent, available every waking minute for whatever we needed. Even after we closed and had an issue come up she had our back and was helping us late into the night to get the problem fixed. Evelyn never stops working to get her clients everything they deserve. I would highly recommend her and I know one day I will use her services again and again.


  • Evelyn Rockas was terrific. I decided to get various opinions by interviewing brokers, having my own specific minimum price point in my head, when selling my home in West Peabody in November of 2018. Evelyn Rockas surpassed my expectations by far and, having worked so closely together, Evelyn has become a great friend. She was always responsive, extremely professional, honest, genuine and very likable. I was delighted to be presented an immediate, solid offer by Evelyn which exceeded the sale price; the entire process went extremely smoothly due to Evelyn's expertise. I would recommend Evelyn Rockas in a heartbeat. Thank you again, Evelyn Rockas. keep rock'n the real estate world.


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